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Title: Tainan City Parks and Green Spaces Self- Government Ordinance Ch
Date: 2012.12.21
Legislative: FU-FA-GUEI No. 1011065618A
Content: Article 1  Tainan City (hereinafter referred to as "the City") formulates this Self-Government Ordinance to enhance the management and the maintenance of parks, green spaces and affiliated facilities. 

Article 2          This Self-Government Ordinance applies to the following:
                                1. Parks and green spaces that have already been developed for people's recreational purposes under urban planning.
                                2. Non-urban-planning areas, yet has been announced by the Competent Authority to be developed as parks or green spaces.
The parks and green spaces mentioned in the preceding paragraphs  do not include parks and green spaces in specified scenic areas or industrial zones.    

Article 3   The managing authority of this self-government ordinance is Public Works Bureau, Tainan City Government (hereinafter referred to as "the Government"). The bureau is entitled to commission District Offices in the city or other offices as the managing authority to process on the approvals in terms of the installation of facilities, construction, uses and functions in the parks or green spaces, as well as other related management announcements. Yet the management and maintenance of the architecture and affiliated facilities are the responsibility of the utilizing unit.
Parks and green spaces can be operated, managed or adopted, and the regulations shall be separately prescribed by the Government.  

Article 4          The following facilities can be installed in the parks or green spaces if the scales and the environment allow:
1. Landscaping facilities;
2. Entertaining facilities;
3. Sports facilities;
4. Social education facilities;
5. Service and management facilities;
6. Disaster-prevention facilities;  
7. Other facilities approved by the Competent Authority or managing authority to be installed.

Facilities for the disabled in the parks or green spaces should be freely accessible by the visually-challenged or physically-challenged people. Special entrances and exits, ramps and corridors, guiding facilities, braille display and other necessary facilities should be installed.

Article 5         Buildings and facilities in the parks and spaces that require a license to build should follow the following regulations on the building coverage ratio. 
1. The building coverage ratio should not exceed 15% if the park or green space is not more than five hectares.   
2. If the park or green space exceeds five hectares, the building coverage ratio should not exceed 12% for the part of area which excess five hectares.

Article 6          Plants or facilities in the parks or green spaces can be donated by individuals.

Article 7          Other than those set by the Competent Authority or managing authority, applications should be submitted to the managing authority with relevant graphics and illustrations of the facilities or pipelines to be installed in the parks and green spaces before construction. 
In case any alteration or damage is done to the facilities or equipment in the parks or green spaces because of the construction described in the preceding paragraph, the construction unit should be responsible for the restoration. 

Article 8         Parks and green spaces should be kept open for the public uses.  In special cases, the managing authority may announce the limitation on opening hours and areas.

Article 9  The following behaviors are prohibited in the parks and green spaces:
1. Alcohol drinking, drug-abusing, fighting or carrying dangerous objects that might jeopardize public security / order.
2. Blemishing tranquility, indecent sexual behaviors or gambling.
3. Planting, throwing away animals, leaving personal tables, chairs or other items on site. 
4. Bringing in animals without putting restraining measures on them or failing to carve away their droppings.
5. Driving or parking illegally without permission.
6. Spiting, urinating, or discarding garbage.
7. Stealing or intentionally damaging plants or facilities.
8. Swimming, bathing, washing, catching fish, fishing, releasing aquatic organisms, rowing a boat or other water activities in the pond or lake, unless specifically approved by the managing authority in a written announcement. 
9. Campfire, outdoor cooking, barbeque, staying overnight, setting off firecrackers, releasing sky-lanterns, holding all kinds of gatherings and parties, airing laundry, etc.
10. Using the facilities in improper or unconventional ways.
11. Engaging in ball games or other activities that might hurt other people. 
12. Selling items, leasing entertaining devices or other profit-oriented behaviors, except for those approved by the managing authority. 
13. Other items or activities prohibited or restricted by the managing authority.

Article 10  Using the parks or green spaces for gatherings, exhibitions, speeches, performances or other specific uses, one should apply to the managing authority for permission at least 10 days ahead of time with a written application, pay the fee and guarantee deposit. 
The amount of fee and deposit mentioned in the preceding paragaph are announced by the Government. 

Article 11  If any of the following situations applies, the application of Article 10 will not be approved by the managing authority:
1. The nature of the activity might damage the plants or facilities in the parks or green spaces. 
2. When the activity goes against the benign social customs. 
3. Cooking or holding banquets.
4. When the activity might obstruct public tranquility or public order.
5. Other situations at the managing authority. 

Article 12    Those who apply to use the park and green spaces should adhere to the following rules:
1.  The park and green spaces may not be subleased or lent to others, or used by others under alternative conditions. 
2. Orders, public safety and environmental hygiene should be maintained. 
3. Everything should be returned to its original state and cleaned six hours after the event.
In terms of any violation of the regulations prescribed in the preceding paragraph, the use will be stopped  and the deposit confiscated by the managing authority.

Article 13     In case of violation of the provisions of Paragraph 1 of Article 10 and fail to get an approval from the managing authority, the subject to a offender is fine not less than NT$3,000 and not more than NT$15,000.

Article 14  Those who violate the rule of Subparagraph 1 or 2 of Article 9 will be reported to the local police and face law charges. 
Those who violate the rule of Subparagraph 3 of Article 9 shall be publicized[u1]  and the offender and user[u2]  shall be notified by written orders by the managing authority to have the items or creatures removed, which might be discarded as garbage if rectification is not made within the time limit.
The offender who violates the provisions of Subparagraph 4 of Article 9 are subject to a fine of not less than NT$2,000 and not more than NT$10,000. 
The offender who violates the provisions of Subparagraph 5 to 13 of Article 9 are subject to a fine of not less than NT$1,200 and not more than NT$6,000.

Article 15                The fines imposed by the Self-Government Ordinance shall be collected by the managing authority.

Article 16  This Self-Government Ordinance is effective from the date of promulgation.