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Title: Tainan City Self-Government Ordinance for Public Liability Insurance of Public-Use Business Premises Ch
Date: 2012.01.11
Legislative: Promulgated on January 11, 2012 by Order Fu-Fa-Gui-Zi No. 1010005695A.
Content: Article 1  This Self-Government Ordinance is formulated by Tainan City for the purposes of protecting people’s safety of life, limb and property, and reducing the impact of accidents in business premises.


Article 2  The Competent Authority of this self-government ordinance is Tainan City Government (hereinafter referred to as “the Government”).


Article 3  The following public-use business premises (hereinafter referred to as “Business Premises”) are required to obtain public liability insurance in accordance with this Self-Government Ordinance:

{C}1.    Premises in which there is conducted the business of ballroom, dance hall, wineshop, bar, particular kind of coffee/tea shop, audiovisual and singing services, bathhouse, computer recreational activities, amusement park, or athletics and recreational sports stadium.

{C}2.    A restaurant with a total floor space of more than 300 square meters or a shopping mall (store) or department store with a total floor space of more than 500 square meters.

{C}3.    The premises of a profit-seeking enterprise as designated by the Government.


Article 4  When an application is made to establish or change the registration of Business Premises as referred to in the preceding paragraph, the application shall be accompanied by documentary proof that public liability insurance has been obtained for the Business Premises, and the establishment or change of registration shall not be approved unless and until the Government has confirmed compliance with the regulatory requirements.


Article 5  The minimum insured amounts of public liability insurance taken out in accordance with this Self-Government Ordinance shall be as follows:

{C}1.     For human bodily injury or death, per person: NT$3 million.

{C}2.    For human bodily injury or death, per accident: NT$15 million.

{C}3.    For property damage, per accident: NT$3 million.

{C}4.    For total amount insured during the period of insurance: NT$36 million.


Article 6  One month prior to the expiration of the insurance, Business Premises shall submit documentary proof of the continuation of public liability insurance to the Government for recordation; and the same requirement shall apply when a change is made to the content of insurance.


Article 7  Business Premises shall post in clear writing the insurance company, insured amount and insurance period of their public liability insurance, and shall display the insurance certificate in a conspicuous place inside the Business Premises, so that it can be recognized by consumers.


Article 8  Where Business Premises were approved for registration prior to this Self-Government Ordinance coming into force, they shall be required to have appropriate public liability insurance, and to submit photocopied insurance certification to the Government for recordation, within six months of this Self-Government Ordinance coming into force.  


Article 9  Where a party fails to obtain public liability insurance for Business Premises in accordance with the provisions of Article 3, or fails to continue the insurance before the insurance period expires, or fails to comply with the provisions of Article 5 pertaining to the scope of insurance or insured amounts, or violates the provisions of Articles 6 to 8, the Government shall order it to make rectification within a prescribed period. Where the rectification is not made within the prescribed period, a fine of not less than NT$10,000 and not more than NT$50,000 shall be imposed on the responsible officer, and the fine shall be repeatedly imposed for each successive instance of failure. Where rectification is still not made after the imposition of a fine, the Government may order the suspension of business.


Article 10 This Self-Government Ordinance is effective from the date of promulgation.